Helix FR28 - Titan

Helix FR28 -  Titan

What is it?

The Titan Helix? FR28- the first fully integrated electronically controlled dual pump proportioning system.

What makes the product unique?

The Helix? FR28 has a patented electronic proportioning system that uses two pumps with continuous communication to deliver a true 1 to 1 ratio. The Helix FR28 achieves extremely accurate temperatures with its innovative SureFire? heating system. The SureFire? heating system offers over 30 seconds of dwell time with consistent heat transfer, allowing the chemical to reach the set temperature in a third of the time with half the wattage. The hose directly heats the chemical, managing the temperature all the way to the gun. With unmatched accuracy and unrivaled control, the Titan Helix FR28 is the smart choice for spray foam application.  

Who is the product made for?

The Helix is designed to spray two component open and closed cell foam insulation and 2k coatings for residential, commercial, and industrial contractors. The product is made for SPFA Contractors, Foam Contractors, Foam Roofing Contractors, Injection Foam Contractors, Coating Contractors, Architects, Builders, Suppliers, Polyurea Applicators and more.  

Contact Details

Phone No: 229-726-6823

Added On: Nov 01, 2017

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